Hot Sauce

The J. Harlen Bretz Collection of Crass Condiments & Sundry Gustatory Anguishes

The J.H.B.C. of C.C. & S.G.A.

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Though nascent, the Collection contains the following pieces:

  • Buffalo Chipoltle Mexican Hot Sauce
  • Chamoy Amor [Sweet]
  • Chillie Willie’s “Aussie Ring Stinger”
  • Chillie Willies’ “Smack my Arse and Call me Cindy”
  • Cholula Hot Sauce
  • Dave’s Gourmet Hurtin’ Habanero
  • Denzel’s Dangerous Goods Roasted Habanero & Garlic Hot Sauce
  • Droolin’ Devil Mean Ass Mustard Habanero
  • El Yucateco Habanero Hot Sauce
  • Frank’s Red Hot Chile & Lime
  • Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce
  • Kaitaia Fire Chili Pepper Sauce
  • Mama Africa’s Zulu Sauces [Peri-Peri]
  • McIlenny Tabasco [Original]
  • McIlenny Tabasco [Original, 3.7mL]
  • McIlenny Tabasco [Chipotle]
  • McIlenny Tabasco [Garlic]
  • McIlenny Tabasco [Jalapeño]
  • Mike’s “Market Special”
  • Orange Country Choppers Habanero Hot Sauce
  • Pacific Crown Chili Sauce
  • Professor Phardpounder’s Colon Cleaner
  • Ray’s Rad Chilies
  • Red Light Garage Hot Sauce [Green]
  • Red Light Garage Hot Sauce [Red]
  • See Dick Burn
  • Thai Kitchen Sweet Red Chilli Sauce
  • Tony Roma’s Private Reserve Hot Sauce
  • Trader Joe’s Jalapeño Hot Sauce
  • Try Me® Tiger Sauce
  • Uncle Big’s Killer Hot Sauce
  • Waha Wera Kiwi Fruit & Habanero Sauce
  • Yucatan Sunshine Habanero Pepper Sauce

Viewing and sampling of the J. Harlen Bretz Collection is free and available from 6 PM to 8 PM every weekday, and on weekends by appointment. Pets and children welcome.

UPDATE: We are pleased to announce that our offices are now prepared to accept any notable donations to the Collection. If you would like to contribute, simply prepare and post the item(s) to:

The J. Harlen Bretz Collection
c/o C. M. Reiss, Curator

Though not tax deductible, contributions can be made in the name of the donor, another individual, or wholly anonymously.


15 responses to “Hot Sauce

  1. Yucatanlover

    OK. I have been looking all over. Where can I get more of this amazing sauce. Yucatan Sunshine Prepared Habanero Pepper Sauce. Seriously! I am on the last half of my last bottle. haha

    Thanks. Don’t mean to sound like an addict but, well, I’m addicted.

  2. I believe I found my bottle at Save-On Foods, though I’ve no idea if there’s an equivalent in Ontario.

    From what I understand the habanero/carrot blend is a fairly common combination. If you can’t find the real thing, perhaps there’s other sauces that might also be to your liking?

    I’m partial to the sauce not only for its flavour, but also because it allows me use of the phrase, “shine a little Yucatan sunshine down on that __________” (either when offering it to friends or merely to myself during my frequent bouts of exaggerated self-narration).

  3. I hope that the J. Harlen Bretz Collection has had a chance to examine the sauces our agent delivered to you at exchange point Delta-Foxtrot-stroke-niner-niner.

    The commander awaits eagerly your institute’s full findings on the contents of the package. Please ensure you secure the results with military grade encryption before retransmission.

  4. diego

    Hey dude,
    Where did you get the Tony Roma’s sauce? I had it at my cottage, and my folks forgot where they got it, and it kicks ass….please let me know where you got it….as would like to get a case.


  5. Costco carries Tony Roma’s sauces; I saw three different flavours packaged together when I was there last week.

  6. Grace

    Hi, i am looking for Tony Roma hot sauce and i would like to buy some, can you please tell me were i can buy it. Costco does not carrie it any more

  7. Hunting for a sauce is a perfect reason to research and visit local hot sauce specialty stores in your area, Grace. Failing that, you can try online hot sauce retailers, or even Amazon.

    Also, don’t be afraid to sample other similar Louisiana-style sauces. You might even find one that you prefer to Tony Roma’s. 🙂

  8. sheryl

    I too am desperate to find Tony Roma’s hot sauce in Ontario! We have a large selection of other hot sauces but none compares to Tony’s!

  9. Derrell sells Tony Roma’s Private Reserve Original, Chipotle, Chili&Lime as well as the three Tony Roma’s rib sauces. They ship from Toronto and Vancouver.

    The downside: You have to buy a case of 12.
    The upside: Tony’s makes a great gift.

  10. rej

    i caaant find a tony roma hot sauce in my costco store what can i do.

  11. Karl

    Hi all,
    I was equally dismayed when Costco discontinued Tony Roma’s Hot Sauce.However,it can be purchased at Galati’s Fresh Market (3 locations in Toronto) plus National Importers in Brampton will ship it to you(by the case …12/)

  12. Travis

    Is chamoy similar to tabasco ?

  13. Jim Bo

    I’m sad.

    I wanted to buy the only hot sauce my wife will eat for her birthday and I can’t find it anywhere on the net – Holy City Heat, which was made with your government’s and mine work with native seeds – (they developed the species because it was resistant to root-knot nematodes.)

    Anyway, would appreciate if anyone has seen this brand in any Earth stores as opposed to on the net, I already tried Mo Hotta Mo Betta and Firegirl.

  14. steve

    costco does still sell tony roma’s hot sauce. i just bought two bottles of it yesterday.

  15. Paul

    Hey Steve, at which costco did you find Tony Roma’s? Was it in Ontario?

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