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Stand aside, Viper Pilot. I got this one.

My senior officer in the fleet, Viper Pilot, does a stand out job of covering the intersection of (Music) and (Science Fiction), sometimes even branching out to (Music) (Science), but he is relatively far from American news media, as well as welcoming–with Atomique, of course–a new addition to his family.  In the interest of giving all three more bonding time, I’m stepping in to share your song for today.

MC Hawking – Why Won’t Jesse Helms Hurry Up and Die | download

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Upon closing some blinds after a day of teaching, I noticed the “OUT [of the classroom]” sign reflected in the window as TUO.

With utter respect and no insult intended to everyone else reading this site, Amy is the smartest person what I know. 🙂


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I have known him since small times.


The winner and newly elected mayor of Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan?
My buddy from kindergarten on, Allan Arthur.

Before CBC. Before Global. Before SCN. You heard it here, first.


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