We are going to move to Regina

I’ve attempted to tell share the news with as many people in as personal a fashion as possible, but at this point, I’d rather you hear it here than somewhere else.

Michelle has accepted a position with Saskatchewan Northern Geological Survey, based in Regina. She starts work January 2nd, though we’re not certain on the rest of our relocation timeline. We’re looking forward to real jobs, less rain, more space, spending time with old friends, and POÄNG armchairs. Especially POÄNG armchairs.

Oh, and gaming. Towards that end, I’ve created two blogs to serve as communication resources for fellow gamers in or around Regina.

I’m really not sure what will become of them, but at the very least they’ll give you an idea of what games I’m looking forward to running and playing in 2009 and beyond.  Perhaps there’s some place better to do this, but the only forum I could find seemed abandoned.

Please feel free to send any suggestions my way, or let me know if you’d like to contribute to either site.  In the meantime, feel free to pass or post along these links to anyone you think might find them useful.



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3 responses to “We are going to move to Regina

  1. Jennifer Chalmers

    Hey Chad,
    While the West Coast will be a sadder place without you two, I can certainly understand the lure of real jobs, space, and of course, the POÄNG armchairs.


  2. M-Tard

    There seems to be a trend of Marie moving back Vancouver and all her friends subsequently leaving.
    My confidence is shattered.

  3. Rachel Lynn

    Congratulations! Have you starting purging or packing your collections of excess keychains, pencil nubs and such? That’s the best part of moving for me.

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