My haircut

After more than five years of growth and four years of dreadlocks, I cut off all my hair.

A little bit at a time.


I was aiming for something Wheatonesque here.

I was aiming for something Wheatonesque here.

"Confused homeless man with neckbeard."

Man with neckbeard.

(Not a white supremacist.)

All the locks that weren't immediately claimed by donators.







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13 responses to “My haircut

  1. These embarrassing photos are posted as a measure of gratitude to everyone who took the time to donate. Thank you, all. (Be sure to send me your address so that I might post your well-deserved certificates.)

    I also want to give special thanks to Denis, without whom this would not have happened. I hope that this buys me some time on that whole “driver’s license” thing…

  2. carole epp

    i don’t think i’ve ever seen you look so potentially threatening…that coupled with the baby giraffe comment the other day…well i’m just not sure anymore.

  3. Greg Loken

    Chadrach, you look soooooo bummed out!

    Good on you, though!

    I would be a consistent blood donor, but the Crohn’s meds prevent me from donating EVAR.

    “Visualize Whirled Peas”

    Greg Loken

  4. Does this herald the return of Afro Chad? I do so love the Afro Chad. I mean, Rasta Chad is cool and all, but Afro Chad has a special place in my heart, given that’s what instigated our first meeting.

    (from Atomique)

  5. Patrick

    I wish the kids at the Basement could see this…

  6. ZOMG!

    “Confused homeless man with neckbeard.” is an astounding portrait. It’s captivating in that it’s Chad in the photo, and yet it captures absolutely nothing that makes me think of Chad.

    Also, have you noticed that “Confused homeless man with neckbeard.” looks an awful lot like “Part-time indie video rental store employee.”?

  7. @Atomique: I’m actually rather enjoying my shorn scalp at the moment, but AfroChad might someday reappear, whenever the world needs him most…

    @Patrick: I think at least one of them found me on Facebook, so there’s hope of embarrassing emails with the photos removed well out of context.

    @Greg and Viper Pilot: rest assured that both the dissatisfaction and the creepiness inherent in the above photos is strictly the work of my mighty command of emoting, uh, emotions. (No doubt honed during my time as night manager of the indie video rental store.)

  8. @carole: perhaps I should have captioned the fourth photo, “I am so effing sick of smelling cigarette smoke that I could punch a baby giraffe’s leg in two.”

  9. Dan

    Though our histories somehow are far reaching and intertwined, we have only known each other for a short time, I am glad that I knew RastaChad. And now MCChad (“Mr.Clean Chad).

  10. McChad is still better than McWrap.

    Who names something McWrap?

  11. Rachel Lynn

    Well done.

  12. Cara

    We gots our awesome certificates in the mail today. Love ’em!

    Jay’s dread was 3 cm longer than my dread. Just sayin’.

  13. Auntie Carole Dahle

    Hi Chad; You look great. Michelle you did a good job.I bet you feel a lot lighter.Are you teaching?I finally got my e-mail going after amonth. Helge bought a mac laptop so we are just getting used to it. Bye for now Carole

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