D&D 4E Encounter Tracker

Again for Dungeons & Dragons, Fourth Edition player characters, I’ve put together an encounter tracker to save roughing up character sheets through repeated erasing.

Consider this an alpha, with suggestions more than welcome.

D&D Encounter Tracker @ Flickr

Current version: D&D 4E PC Encounter Tracker [a0.8.2]



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5 responses to “D&D 4E Encounter Tracker

  1. I played a 30 minute demo game of D&D4E at GenCon Oz on the weekend, to walk down memory lane, as it were.

    Sadly, I think I’m the only one who got my uber-geek joke (including the WotC rep who ran the game). As characters were being divvied out, the young boy at the table asked “Can I play a bard?”

    The answer from the GM was “Sorry, I’ve just got basic characters here – a couple of fighters, a rogue, a wizard and a cleric.”

    I piped up quickly, “What, no thri-kreen antipaladin?”

    And the audience went quiet.


  2. Steerpike

    Hey, this is very cool, Chad. Thank you for creating and sharing it!

  3. Dan

    Hey! Looks like your encounter tracker is missing only one thing…. how many TOTAL PARTY KILLS you were responsible for!

    hehehe it’s all good was a blast, I love dying.

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