D&D 4E Power Cards

I assume that I’m not the first to put these two together:

  • Colour-coded index cards
  • Relevant copies of powers from the Player’s Handbook, 4th Edition

It just seems so much easier to flip though a slimmed stack of cards rather than page through powers your character may or may not have.  You might further simplify the process by flipping or turning cards of spent powers.

UPDATE: Also see my PC Encounter Tracker



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5 responses to “D&D 4E Power Cards

  1. Very cool! I’m thinking of doing something similiar with a Magic card editor program. Your way may be easier tho’, and I’m a fan of easy…

  2. I’ll keep an eye out for your version, Randy. My does involved a lot of cutting and some sticky fingers.

    I’ve also taken to using the back, lined side of the card as a workspace for attack and damage calculations, as the vanilla character record sheet doesn’t provide much in the way of space for much power detail.

  3. I’ve been baffled as to why WotC didn’t release a set of branded power cards to sell alongside the Core Rules, but now I’m wondering if they aren’t incorporating identical features into the Dungeons & Dragons Insider Character Builder

  4. Danny

    I actually used to do a similar thing when I played spell casters in 3rd and 3.5

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