It’s the timecodes that are important here

From: Xxx Xxxxxx
Date: 8 Apr 2008 17:55
Subject: [BCSkeptics Announce] Richard Dawkins Speaks at UBC

The BC Skeptics have a unique opportunity through Yyyyy Yyyyyyyy to acquire tickets to Richard Dawkins speaking at UBC on the Tuesday the 29th of April at 2PM at the Chan Centre.

I am sure I don’t need to tell you who Richard Dawkins is: Evolutionary biologist extraordinaire and, more recently, vocal atheist.

Here are the terms:

I do not know how many tickets can be made available. So I will ask for as many as we need, but they may have to be allotted on a first come, first
serve basis.

You must be seated by 1:45PM at the latest at UBC.

You must get back to me no later than this Friday (April 11) at 8AM.

Finally, you must be prepared to bear the cost: Zero dollars and zero
cents!!! In other venues, he asks $500 a head!

So please email me directly ASAP.


Xxx Xxxxxx

From: Chad Reiss
Date: 8 Apr 2008 17:57
Subject: Re: [BCSkeptics Announce] Richard Dawkins Speaks at UBC

I am absolutely in for this. Please let me if I can do anything to repay the favour.


(I might have been still quicker on the draw had I not forced myself to reread the message to confirm that I hadn’t misinterpreted the offer.)



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2 responses to “It’s the timecodes that are important here

  1. ZOMG!

    As a favour to me, could you please contract some memes from Dawkins on the day? I’d love nothing more than to at somew later stage have you infect me with them, putting me ONLY TWO STEPS AWAY

  2. I’m sad to report that our insider was stymied at the last minute, likely by the good lord telling someone how to fuck us on the deal. The tickets went to general sale a few days before the event, and very few BC Skeptics were on-campus and able to stand in line to secure guaranteed entry.

    Viper Pilot’s two-step meme infection will have to come via another vector, I’m afraid.

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