Flock of Stormcrows

Though I’ve been RPGing for 20 years, I’ve only started miniature gaming in the last year. I’ve spent much of this time planning out my forces, hunting bargains on craigslist, assembling the models, and now–at last–painting some units. If you know me, it’s likely safe to say that I’m the most inartistic person you know. Music, drawing, grace, whatever: I’ve nothing, and I’d expected terminal frustration to bring a premature end to this experiment, as well. I was thus rather surprised when I found in the hobby more relaxation than anguish. Though still not art, the paint-by-number nature of the models, coupled with learnable painting techniques, yield a pretty high return on investment for time. Um, if such can be said about little army men.

Below are some photos of my first models (in this case, Space Marines from Warhammer 40,000). They are a force of my own design, called the Stormcrows, a sort of hard done-by DIY Chapter of the 21st founding. I’m going for a can’t-seem-to-ever-get-the-muck off look, though I’m not sure how well it comes across in these photos. I’m still learning how to properly dry-brush, and I fear the mans especially will look a little flat. Actually, I’m still learning a lot about everything, so any criticisms or suggestions are more than welcome.

Tactical Marines, 4th Company Stormcrows

Veteran Sergeant, 1st Tactical Squad, 4th Company Stormcrows

MkIIc Rhino, 4th Company Stormcrows



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5 responses to “Flock of Stormcrows

  1. Very cool, Chad! I’m actually putting together a bunch of cavemen and dinos for Sticks & Stones, a prehistoric minis game by Jeff Valent Studios that uses the Savage Worlds rules. Fun stuff!

  2. Jennifer

    They look good to me, Chad. How big are they? I can’t tell the scale by looking at the pics.

  3. Aelius

    Holy crap… are you serious. Those are better then most of the ‘expert’ painters figs that I’ve seen. Well done Chad.

  4. Thanks for the generous comments.

    The little mans are maybe 4cm tall, while the APC is just under twice that.

    I look forward to seeing your prehistorics when you are finished, Randy. 🙂

  5. cenobyte

    Do you also do faux finishing in hallways?

    Very nice. Very, very nice.

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