The JESUS Sock

As I used the Flying Spaghetti Monster as a virtual holiday card last year, I guess I have to supply something new this year.

Lo, then, and behold–The JESUS Sock!

The JESUS Sock – a slideshow on Flickr

Atheists, too, stumble upon chance images in nature. We even know the name for such “icons not made by hand”– acheiropoieta–though this does not mean we treat them as anything more than meaningless curiosities.1

In this case, it’s nothing less than the Holy Face of Jesus of Nazareth. It appeared in dust patterns on my liner sock while assisting my partner in her search for evidence of previous glacial flooding, near Polson, MT (two hours north of Missoula).

There can be no doubt that this was an indication that He approved of Michelle’s work to constrain the most recent sequencing of flooding at this site to between 17,000 and 11,000 radiocarbon years before present, James Ussher be damned.

1. Well, I guess it is possible that we might try to make light of them.



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8 responses to “The JESUS Sock

  1. tim

    Are you sure this isn’t an image of Steven Tyler, the singer from that rock band that was really popular then wasnt popular then was popular again but isnt popular anymore?

    cause I think it is in. If so, what is the message about your partners work?

  2. I think it might actually be a graven image of Crazy Horse on your sock, young Chadwick. Are there any cloudy branches of your family tree? Maybe there’s some medicine in you, son…

  3. Kirk Mitchell

    No! It is the dread visage of Darth Vader, signalling a reign of terror, doom and destruction upon your feet! Wear steel-toed boots to bed, and anoint your heels in olive oil to ward off evil spirits.

  4. I find it quite interesting that you would find the holy face of Jesus of Nazareth on your liner sock. Not too long ago I heard a muslim dog praying. I was walking to school when far off in the distance, I heard the cry of a dog praying to Allah. I imagined the animal crouching in his frozen backyard, facing west, and praying “Awooo woo-woo!” He doesn’t seem to be a devout believer as I have not heard him since. I think the northern catholics might have turned him in at the pound.

  5. Warren Kirkland

    I am truly in awe, this surely is proof of the divinity of the Christ, make this a good reason to examine your socks every time you take them off. Be sure to smell them as well, you will be smelling Christ, Amen.

  6. Mrs Viper Pilot

    Does this mean He is backing Michelle’s thesis and will assure that it gets a glowing reponse from her peers?

  7. Dr. Mug

    Sorry but it looks like Charles Darwin.

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