Flying home in December?

Or flying anywhere, ever?  If so, I encourage you to check out Zerofootprint, where (among other actions to promote sustainability ) you can donate to a carbon offset program commensurate with the waste from your air travel.  Here are example details for a flight I just booked to SF: 

Your Zerofootprint Offsets purchase represents 0.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide

The Zerofootprint team would like to thank you for your carbon purchase. Thinking about your lifestyle in terms of its carbon footprint and doing something about it is an important step towards living a sustainable lifestyle and fighting climate change. The $4.80 you have contributed to offset your flight from VANCOUVER, CANADA to SAN FRANCISCO, USA will help sustain the important work of supporting Canada’s forests.

Our offsets are certified by ISO 14064-2 and fight not only climate change but deforestation, biodiversity loss, and watershed degradation as well.

Nov 12, 2007

I know that jet travel is still B-A-D, and I admit that this is just another self-imposed tax intended to placate those with a guilty conscience, but at least this is a start.  It’s an even easier decision to make once you experience not only how little is asked, but how simple the process is.



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4 responses to “Flying home in December?

  1. JB

    Foregoing incremental progress in the name of “deep principle” or “real change” is a great way to forgo all progress. Incremental change is the main source of “revolutionary” change in our world.

    For sure avoid air travel if possible, but let’s not sneer at doing something practical.

  2. Jusius

    I really envy how much you travel!

    I’m definitely willing to do this next time I fly, although that probably won’t be anytime soon.

  3. I’d be happy never ever ever flying again. Too bad we don’t have better trains here.

  4. Mrs Viper Pilot

    Jet air travel si only bad when you can walk to neighbouring countries. For some of us it is a necessity of life. (Dear gods, don’t let me be trapped on this island forever!)

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