Fiji Photos? Forthcoming…

We’ve still yet to sort through the photos from Mana Island, but they’ll hopefully be up soon. Perhaps this little bit of geekery might hold you over until such time.

Mana Island Pool

Hee hee. 😀



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5 responses to “Fiji Photos? Forthcoming…

  1. Yup… that’s mondo geeky! 🙂

  2. Fiji:

    Tap for one blue mana.
    Tap for one green mana.

    If you have Fiji in play, you may play ‘Military Coup’ for one less mana.

  3. cenobyte

    I always figured that’s what it looked like.

  4. I’d smack you if it was’nt so damn cute.

  5. It’s also obvious that it’s a pool, right? Because that’s what pushed it over the edge for me.

    Kudos to Viper Pilot’s astute descriptive text. His understanding of CCGs is equaled only by his worldliness. Normally mutually exclusive magisteria, this was previously thought impossible by scientists.

    Fiji photos are, um… still forthcoming?

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