Photos: New Zealand 03 (of 03)

Summer is too short to blog. Especially in Safari. Formerly neutral towards it, I can now state proudly and confidently that it is a terrible browser.

Posted today at Flickr are photos from May 5th to May 13th, our second and final part of the journey with an SFU Earth Sciences fieldschool.

Flickr slideshow: New Zealand

This leg covered New Zealand’s South Island, and included:

  • Queenstown
  • Hari-Hari
  • Franz Josef Glacier
  • Fox Glacier
  • Mount Cook

[Please see tags and descriptions for more information on what’s pictured. In slideshow mode, click the “i” in the middle of images. If what I’ve written doesn’t help clarify things, feel free to leave a comment here or on Flickr.]



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4 responses to “Photos: New Zealand 03 (of 03)

  1. Kate

    I’m awash with the warm-fuzzies! We were just cooing over your stunning photos of NZ when we came across the description of 1473. It warmed my heart to know that we were with you and Michelle when you learned how to recognise those constellations. Education is fun!

    Now I miss you guys even more, though.

  2. You weren’t just there when it happened; I believe you were instrumental in getting our bearings around the southern sky.

    The seeing at the base of Mount Cook was comparable to Farmer’s-Field-Saskatchewan-Darkness. It would have been very nice to have you guys there.

  3. Jennifer

    Stellar shots my friends. Obviously an intersection of amazing subject matter and talented photographers!
    Hey, now we’re dead iPod buddies. Mine is giving me the frowning iPod face of death too! I’m purposely being glib to mask the pain and emptiness I’m feeling inside.

  4. Upon our return from Fiji, my G4 iPod was “repaired” under extended warranty from Best Buy. Despite detailing five (5) problems when dropping it off, they were wholly unable to give me documentation of the repairs/services performed when I picked it up four weeks later.

    It bricked again shortly thereafter (with precisely the HDD problem I’d shown them in diagnostic mode). It’s been more than a month since taking it in a second time, but the only information they’re able to provide is that my unit has been shipped to the repair depot.

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