Photos: New Zealand 01

At last I’ve gotten around to sorting through the first lot of photos from our recent vacation. I’ll emphasize again that it was me who did the sorting (Michelle is in Victoria to see a harlot of some description), so I’ll apologize now if I’ve made questionable calls as regards inclusion. Hopefully she’ll be around for subsequent sets, of which there might be… three? It’s hard to say, as I’ve already maxed out my Flickr upload limit for June. I may well shell out for a Pro account; if so, I’ll likely include more images.

Flickr Slideshow: New Zealand

We met Kate & Mitch in Auckland, then traveled south to Rotorua: we went for the geothermal activity and cultural experiences, but we stayed for the Carcassonne.

After dropping off Mitch Kate back in Auckland, we headed east to the Coromandel peninsula, using Thames as a base to explore Cathedral Cove and other seaside sights.

[Please see tags for more information on what’s pictured. If that doesn’t help, feel free to leave a comment. Most photos were taken by Michelle. Except the nice ones, which I probably snapped.]



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3 responses to “Photos: New Zealand 01

  1. Further intel (both photographic and linguistic) is to be found in Viper Pilot debrief B–G.1FnA:

    Recon 2007, Part 1: New Zealand

    Not sure if you’re vetted? Fear not; his resources have already confirmed your security clearance, and you’re being waved in.

  2. What an awesome trip! I put the postcard you sent me on the wall in my classroom and my students started playing the “that’s your dad!” game. They thought having a tattooed face guy for a dad was freakin’ hilarious! So I played along. But my dad actually has a ginger moustache, which is more hilarious to them than face tattoos.

  3. Ginger or not, your dad mixes a mean mojito.
    Further photos to come.

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