=EXP(SQRT(2*(POWER((LN(M3)-((LN (M3)+LN(H3)+LN(C3))/3)),2)+POWER ((LN(H3)-((LN(M3)+LN(H3)+LN(C3)) /3)),2)+POWER((LN(C3)-((LN(M3) +LN (H3)+LN(C3))/3)),2))))

Above, you will find an operation contained within a single cell of one of Michelle’s data analysis spreadsheets.

Below, you fill find a cute Sciuridae.1

Cute Overload! :)


Photos tomorrow.

1. It is also the only animated .gif that will ever appear on this site. I hope so hard that it was worth it.



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5 responses to “=EXP(SQRT(2*(POWER((LN(M3)-((LN (M3)+LN(H3)+LN(C3))/3)),2)+POWER ((LN(H3)-((LN(M3)+LN(H3)+LN(C3)) /3)),2)+POWER((LN(C3)-((LN(M3) +LN (H3)+LN(C3))/3)),2))))

  1. Hey! That’s the wee animal the Flaming Lips use for their profile pic on MySpace!

  2. cenobyte

    I prefer the fuzzy critter what looks like a gopher with a gland problem. Could just be the close-up.

  3. Heh. One of the guys I work with actually has a squirrel phobia. So what does one of his co-workers do? Gets him a framed picture of a Magic: The Gathering card image involving sort sort of forest druid sending forth a small army of attacking squirrels. 🙂

  4. I will see your sciuridae and raise you one remix of the aforementioned.

  5. R:tAG, perhaps your comrade just needs to know the softer side of squirrels? I would recommend a gentle regimine of the “Pocket Pets” category at Cute Overload.

    Thanks for sharing, VP. I just can’t get enough of that little gentleman.

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