I’d forgot to mention it

…but February was National Heart Month. While that’s not at all worth bringing up now, weeks after the fact, I thought I might share our local supermarket’s approach to promoting cardiovascular health: a half-dozen heart-shaped dougnuts. As they were being made and sold at full price towards the end of February, I assume they had nothing to do with Valemtime’s Day.

If you thought I was late in posting that, check out the following video from 2005. It’s me, failing to sing any more than the introduction to the Pixies “Where Is My Mind.” I knew that I was incapable of anything more right from the start, so I’ve no idea why I even suggested it.

No matter what, this was more embarrassing for me to have done than it is for you to watch.

[Chad and Michelle are currently traveling New Zealand and Fiji with passports that explicitly prohibit them from being within 100m of any karaoke equipment. They will return in late May. Until then, chadsblog will update weekly with pre-written content.]



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2 responses to “I’d forgot to mention it

  1. JP

    “Where is My Mind” is a great song. Good choice! Points for having great taste even if you forgot the words.

  2. I’m pretty sure I’m going to sample that Pixies cover of yours. You’re in trouble now!

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