On the synthesis of Tahiti Treat


This researcher’s preliminary experiments would confirm the hypothesis that replication of the long sought after substance “Tahiti Treat” is possible in any modestly equipped laboratory and even some homes 1. The reaction is theorized as follows:

ORg + CrSo => TaTt

Under test conditions, this synthesis was accomplished through the admixture of one part orange soda and one part cream soda 2. In clinical trials, the reaction produced a yummy, yummy treat in volumes approaching 2000mL. It is expected that higher yields might also be possible, given some kind of, like, larger bottle, or whatever.

Note that neither a Philosopher’s Stone nor any other catalysts are necessary, though gentle pouring is recommended to preserve dissolved CO2 naturally present in the reactants. The researcher looks forward to reports of peer confirmation of these results 3.

[Chad and Michelle are currently traveling New Zealand and Fiji. They will return in late May. Until then, chadsblog will update weekly with pre-written content. This entry was adapted from an email Chad wrote in 2005. It is reprinted not because it was particularly entertaining, but simply because Chad had a mean hankerin’ for Tahiti Treat while postdating entries in preparation for leaving.]

1. Canada Dry was not available for comment at the time of this research.
2. Alchemical reagents were of the “President’s Choice” variety, and were purchased at the Whitehorse Superstore.
3. As if the appearance of the distinct taste were not enough to encourage replication of these results in your own home, it also worthy of note that the distinct unearthly glow of the original beverage is persevered in this product. So you gotta try it!


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One response to “On the synthesis of Tahiti Treat

  1. Jusius

    I remember you sharing this with me earlier, but I totally forgot about it. I can personally attest that it works equally well with the reagents in their “slurpee” state.

    Tahiti Treat was(is?) an awesome beverage.

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