Lamb-Lamb Comes Home

Who is cutest DS?

Whooo-hoo-hoo is the cutest DS?

Yes, you are!


Special thanks to my friend Phil, who exported this fine DS skin from Korea especially for me. 감사합니다, 친구 !

[Chad and Michelle are currently traveling New Zealand and Fiji. They will return in late May, likely very tired of seeing sheep. Until then, chadsblog will update weekly with pre-written content.]



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5 responses to “Lamb-Lamb Comes Home

  1. You are gayer than a unicorn riding a rainbow.


    Viper Pilot.

  2. Amy

    It’s the posing it on a receiving blanket that makes it extra geeky! Love it!

  3. icecreamemperor

    Wow, that’s intense.

  4. Viper Pilot, know thee not the might of Unicorn Power?

  5. Amy, it’s noting the receiving blanket that makes you our geek leader– or at least his wife.

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