See Dick Burn

On this day, we are honoured to welcome into our home the newest addition to the J. Harlen Bretz Collection of Crass Condiments & Sundry Gustatory Anguishes. This bottle–rather fitting for an elementary educator–was generously donated by Jen & Tim of Victoria, BC, Canada.

See Dick Burn is produced in Texas and distributed by the Figueroa Brothers.

See Dick Burn is the first cayenne/extract based sauce to be included in the Collection.

Viewing and sampling of the J. Harlen Bretz Collection is free and available from 6 PM to 8 PM every weekday, and on weekends by appointment. Pets and children welcome.

[Chad and Michelle are currently traveling New Zealand and Fiji. They will return in late May (hopefully with more hot sauces for the J.H.B.C. of C.C. & S.G.A.). Until then, chadsblog will update weekly with pre-written content.]


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