Satirizing Canadian Heritage Moments: A Part of Our Canadian Heritage

I hope I didn’t steal that title from anywhere, but given the incestuous nature of broadcast comedy, I wouldn’t be surprised. Either way, the title was just a cheap ploy to lure in the unsuspecting to a topic I’ve not addressed in a while: video games.

Since I’ll be away from computers for over a month, I’ve canceled my WoW subscription. As I’ve purchased the Burning Crusade expansion, I assume I’ll be back, though I’m not entirely sure when that might be. Perhaps I’ll be too distracted by the forthcoming LEGO MMO? Nothing new for Wii–there’s stuff that might appeal to me, had I friends with which to play; I’m also disappointed that there’s no sign of a Wiisabre on the horizon. I’d still rather own Wii than a PS3, but clips of LittleBigPlanet really give insight into the potential of Sony’s hate magnet. Not too much else to report on. Final Fantasy VI Advance has been rocking my DS, but I’ve been trying to save it for any potential mundane stretches of driving in New Zealand.

I will sign off with a list of five eight free games that everyone–especially non-gamers–would likely enjoy:

  • BallDroppings [online/download]: Newtonian physics has never been so relaxing
  • Cloud [download]: gorgeous, flying dream
  • flOw [online/download]: life as tiny, chill creature (free download is worth it for the full screen experience)
  • Grid Wars [download]: retro-arcade shmup (clone of Geometry Wars)
  • Knytt [download]: cute platformer
  • Oshidama Plus [online]: poke, poke… poke the ball
  • +|- [download]: puzzle with a magnetic theme
  • Samorost [online]: lush, surreal alien adventure

If I had to recommend one, it would be flOw. And then Cloud or Samorost. Do let me know if you’ve played anything comparable.

[Chad and Michelle are currently traveling New Zealand and Fiji. They will return in late May. Until then, chadsblog will update weekly with pre-written content. It’s like pre-chewed food, except less soggy.]


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