New Zealand

Though frequent flight rearrangements at Air Pacific and a total restructuring of Harmony Airways have left us without such conveniences as a “confirmed travel itinerary,” Michelle and I are still set to accompany her grad supervisor and undergrad students for an earth science field school in New Zealand. The tentative plan is as follows:

EASC 406 Schedule

North Island

  • April 24 Auckland (overnight)
  • April 25 Drive to Rotorua
  • April 25 Rotorua (overnight)
  • April 25 Taupo volcanics and geothermal systems
  • April 26 Taupo (overnight)
  • April 27 Tongariro Crossing
  • April 28 Mio-Pliocene stratigraphy (Taihape-Napier)
  • April 28 Napier (overnight)
  • April 29 Gisborne-Mahia area – faulted terraces (GNS Science support)
  • April 29 Gisborne (overnight)
  • April 30 Drive to Stratford
  • April 30 Stratford (overnight)
  • May 01 Taranaki – New Plymouth – coastal stratigraphy
  • May 02 Drive to Porirua
  • May 02 Porirua (overnight)
  • May 03 Tarakirae Head– 1855 earthquake; Wellington – National Museum, sightseeing

North Island to South Island

  • May 4 Ferry – Wellington to Picton; drive to Christchurch

South Island

  • May 04 Christchurch (overnight)
  • May 05 Dunstan Mountains (University of Otago support)
  • May 05 Queenstown (overnight)
  • May 06 Drive to Milford Sound
  • May 06 Milford Sound (overnight)
  • May 07 Drive to Hari Hari
  • May 07 Hari Hari field station (overnight)
  • May 08 Franz Josef and Fox glaciers
  • May 09 Lake Wombat – coring
  • May 10 Hari Hari – beach walk
  • May 10 Drive to Mount Cook
  • May 10 Overnight Mount Cook
  • May 11 Mount Cook, Tasman Glacier
  • May 12 Drive to Christchurch
  • May 12 Overnight Christchurch


  • May 13 Fly Christchurch to Auckand

The week prior to all of the above we’re to rendez-vous in Auckland with up-and-coming beatsmith Viper Pilot (and–even better–his lovely wife). The week after the field trip we’ll be finding our own way in perennially politically peaceful Fiji.

While I don’t think there will be time to log updates from the field, I’ve taken this opportunity to set up some automated posts of content that I hadn’t yet got around to sharing. There will still be something new to read each week, and it will hopefully suffice until we return in late May with real photos and such. Be happy and well ’til such time.



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6 responses to “New Zealand

  1. Curtass


    I don’t see a Dalian stop scheduled on this New Zealand trip of yours. I went halfway around the world to see you. You owe me, man!

  2. Andrew Doyle

    Dude, you’re going to love NZ! Although, you’ve got a pretty jam-packed itinerary there… The scenery is absolutely beautiful, especially on the South Island. Those Kahikatea forests are any Nom tripper’s dream, I wish I had time to tramp through there like the Metcalfes did

  3. You guys are going to have such an awesome time! It sounds like a great trip! Have fun and stay safe!

  4. Daniel W

    Wow. Total jealousy.

  5. Amy

    Wow, that really sounds awesometastic! I’ve always wanted to visit NZ… make sure to scope the place well and give me some recommendations!

  6. Thanks, all, for the well wishes. Care to help me pack, too? 😛

    Curtis, I apologize that we weren’t able to make it China, but stopovers were only possible in Fiji and Honolulu. The good news is that I am considering teaching in Hong Kong in July. You can be sure that that would mean a visit, and if that doesn’t pan out, I will get their eventually.

    Don’t be too jealous, Daniel; at least you’ll get to play in Cheap, while I’ll be stuck with only play reports to read.

    Amy, I’ll do my best to case the joint for you!

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