…basically just all kinds of things

The only theme for this post is “stuff from the last two weeks (of which I have photos).” While I can’t promise they’ll all be interesting, we’ve actually been out and about, so I can assure you that they aren’t just us lounging in our basement suite.

Curling two weekends ago. We shouted neither “hurry,” nor “hard.” It just seemed too forced.

I don’t know why I hate bowling; I just do. Furthermore, It’s my belief that the onus is still on those who enjoy the game to demonstrate the validity of their inexplicable stance. Curling, however? Curling is wicked fun.

(And I was thus trying to look even more serious than this.)

Spring has been here for a while, but it seems official once the purdy plants get to blooming. This pic is technically from Victoria last weekend, but Vancouver isn’t really that far behind.

Also from our trip to Vancouver Island, this is Fisgard Lighthouse.

We are still learning how to pose.

I am getting too old for this. Really.

I don’t know how I managed to go 28 years without painting a single Games Workshop fig, but I’ve given in to the pull of miniature gaming by taking my first steps towards a Warhammer 40K Army. Here’s some rather poor shots of an introductory game, played with loaner minis. Photos of my all-too-purple Space Marine chapter will no doubt follow.



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3 responses to “…basically just all kinds of things

  1. Oopaneechad!
    Enjoyed the pics. Michelle not only looks like a curling professional, but a curling MASTER. I’m in awe.
    I’ve never curled before! Can you believe it? Shame on me! I’m from small town Sask!
    Vancouver Island is the bees’ knees.
    Thanks for the drawing on my site- I have confidence in your prize-winning abilities….there may be a few more to throw into the pot so we’ll see…..
    Catch ya later!

  2. Jen

    I’m going to agree with the previous comment, as Michelle looks like a real curler and you, however, look like a poser.

    Have fun in NZ and Fuji and bring me back a shell or a rock or some freshly shorn sheep’s wool.


  3. I looked better than her, and I shot better than her. I made those rocks dance.

    I’m rather certain that my rhyming couplet for Birnsy’s contest ( “Prime directive?/Slime is infective!”) did not exist until I woke up and assembled it with my own hands. Word hands.

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