Cool Tapes

I challenged Roadbirns to put together a list of her 100 favourite musical artists. I haven’t seen her list yet, but you’ll find mine below. Keep in mind they’re not necessarily what I would argue as for as objective “bests.” They’re just music makers whose work I have personally–and recently–enjoyed. (Selections in bold denote particular favourites. Italicized genres are courtesy of Wikipedia.)






















Whom did I miss? Who shouldn’t have made the cut? If I enjoy all of the above, whom else should I check out?



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8 responses to “Cool Tapes

  1. I am intrigued at how many of these coincide with my own musical tastes.

    You should check out Massive Attack, 65daysofstatic and The Fugitives.

  2. Jusius

    I can’t claim to have as nearly good taste as our host, but here’s who’s on my iPod:

    Magneta Lane
    She Wants Revenge
    Laziest Men on Mars
    13th Floor Elevators
    Black Rain
    The Pogues
    Slim Gaillard
    Cab Calloway
    Talking Heads
    The Cardigans
    Tom Jones
    The Cramps
    Sex Pistols
    Fiona Apple
    Johnny Cash
    Toby Kieth
    Liam Lynch
    Leonard Cohen
    The Hissyfits
    Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys
    Peter, Bjorn and John
    The Postmarks
    Rolling Stones
    The Doors
    David Bowie
    The Who

  3. I didn’t see the challenge!! Why not??? I check your page frequently and I’ve missed it completely. This, my friend, is RIGHT up my alley. I’m up for the challenge, except I may not put my artists in alphabetical order. I would prefer to reorganize the alphabet entirely.

    By the way I want to make a movie. Funny you should mention it. I think I will in the coming weeks. Or maybe not. I don’t know where to begin…hmmm…..

    I’ll get back to you on both fronts, right now I have to go finish putting my photo exhibit of dogs in wheelchairs together for my own website.

    Speak soon!


  4. Sorry for taking so long!!!

    Here’s my list, in no particular order. It took about 10 minutes, and I had to leave some music-makers off…. I like so many artists it’s insane. I’ve not checked for repeats, by the way.

    Here ya go:

    Chad challenged me to list my 100 top bands/ solo artists/ music-makers.
    EASY. Here you go, in no particular order:

    1. Lyrics Born
    2. Prince
    3. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien
    4. Malajube
    5. JJ Cale
    6. Captain Beefheart
    7. Buck 65
    8. Amy Winehouse
    9. Bonnie Raitt
    10. Corb Lund
    11. Aretha Franklin
    12. Pinback
    13. Nikka Costa
    14. Feist
    15. Beatles
    16. Van Morrison
    17. Ry Cooder
    18. Eric Clapton
    19. Franz Ferdinand
    20. Blackalicious
    21. Lady Sovereign
    22. Robert Randolph
    23. Gomez
    24. Mr. Something Something
    25. Moses Mayes
    26. Muddy Waters
    27. Howlin’ Wolf
    28. Jurassic 5
    29. Tom Waits
    30. Ben Harper
    31. Michael Franti
    32. Morningwood
    33. Shelby Lynne
    33. Lateef the Chief
    34. Sam Roberts
    35. Modest Mouse
    36. Nick Drake
    37. Pocket Dwellers
    38. Tribe Called Quest
    39. Primal Scream
    40. Red Hot Chili Peppers
    41. Stevie Wonder
    42. Serena Ryder
    43. K’Naan
    44. Sweatshop Union
    45. Joe Cocker
    50. Public Enemy
    51. Peter Gabriel
    52. Stevie Ray Vaughn
    53. Sly and the Family Stone
    54. Tower of Power
    55. Reverend Horton Heat
    56. Sufjan Stevens
    57. Beck
    58. The Zutons
    59. The Meters
    60. Shuggie Otis
    61. Badly Drawn Boy
    62. Marvin Gaye
    63. John Mayer
    64. Lemonjelly
    65. Los Lobos
    66. Taj Mahal
    67. Keb Mo
    68. James Taylor
    69. Elvis
    70. Sublime
    71. James Brown
    72. Jamiroquai
    73. Moloko
    74. Ray Lamontagne
    75. Tribe Called Quest
    76. White Stripes
    77. Anita O’Day
    78. Talking Heads
    79. The Clash
    80. The Killers
    81. Manic Street Preachers
    82. Basement Jaxx
    83. Willie Nelson
    84. The Stars
    85. Brian Setzer
    86. Ani Difranco
    87. Lucinda Williams
    88. Marc Jordan
    89. Rickie Lee Jones
    90. Rufus Wainright
    91. Bob Marley
    92. Arrested Development
    93. Joni Mitchell
    94. Beastie Boys
    95. Digable Planets
    96. The Streets
    97. Jack Johnson
    98. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
    99. The Coup
    100. Midlake!!

  5. I don’t have time to reply with a hundred-long list of my own (being at work and all), but I will shame you for leaving Viper Pilot off your list:

    Not counting a couple of postings to mashup forums, this is technically the press statement announcing Viper Pilot’s first release. Feel loved, young Chadwick. It happened HERE.

    -Viper Pilot

  6. Hey! There are errors on my list. 46-49 are missing, and there are two 33’s. Woops.
    Do you love William Shatner???? I LOVE William Shatner!

    That’s all I have to say today.

  7. Kirk: I’d known Massive Attack, but thanks for the other suggestions.

    Jusius: I certainly don’t claim to have good taste of any sort (as a fellow Goon, you can understand), but I would definitely agree with a lot of your picks, especially Takeshi Terauchi.

    Roadbirns: That is some epic diversity. I couldn’t even bring 100 to the table with confidence, yet I somehow reckoned you’d be restrained by only a hunnerd.

  8. Please see this post for more information on Viper Pilot.

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