Pocket Symphony

I wasn’t sure if I’d ever say it, but from what tracks I’ve heard so far, it would seem that Air has finally released a worthy successor of Moon Safari.

You might also enjoy PALE BLUE DOT, an A/V exploration of some text that I quoted as part of my contribution to the Carl Sagan Blog-a-thon last December.

Apologies that this week’s message is even more slight on content than usual, but I’m in the midst of preparing/leaving for Weathertop, which I’m told is “Vancouver’s premiere gaming convention devoted to games and the people who play them.” I’m sure it’s no GenCon, but it could shape up to be The Best Three Days of Gaming That Are Closer To My House Than The Classrooms In Which I Teach. I’m registered in games of Perfect, and The Shadow of Yesterday, and good ol’ D&D, but I’m also hoping to bump into some indie designers and discover some systems I’ve not explored before.

In the meantime (and possibly for no reason other than padding), I share with you my five favourite narrative television programs of the last five (or so) years:

Anything thing I’ve overlooked, in your opinion?



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12 responses to “Pocket Symphony

  1. Amy

    Have you seen Torchwood? I’m not sure it would actually bump anything on your list (it’s a good list) but I think you’d like it.

    I’m also torn by the inclination to insist that you put “Firefly” up there, balanced by the impossibility of removing any of the incumbents.

  2. Firefly! Fireflyyyyy.

    Maybe it could share a spot with Buffy since Josh Whedon was executive producer & a writer of both. However, it does really deserve it’s own number, like 0.5, on your list.

  3. I checked out Air’s new stuff on MySpace. Deeeeecent. Once again, thanks for the head’s up on good tuneage.
    Have MUCH fun at the gaming event!
    I would comment on your top TV programs, but I don’t watch any television at all, accept CBC morning news! I’m outta touch! I don’t even watch Strombo these days….

  4. I’d actually have to place Angel over Buffy on your list. I like how Whedon developed his world and characters a lot more in that series.

  5. Though I have good intentions, I’ve not yet seen Torchwood. I’ll likely check it out soon, as anything by Russel T. Davies is almost certainly worth my time.

    BtVS was sort of a cop-out and placeholder for all-things-Whedon on my list. I’d hoped readers might get pushed in an unexplored direction by items on the list, and I thought I’d maximize potential by concentrating diversity. That said, I must confess to never really getting Angel as anything but an aside to the real centre of the Buffyverse, Sunnydale. For my money, character development, pathos, and humour were all stronger in Buffy, though I will concede the world itself was better explored in Angel.

    I also forgot to mention that I have yet to watch a single minute of the new Battlestar Galactica. Maybe we’ll hit it up after we’ve worked through our backlog of Spooks.

  6. Tuxador

    I’m glad to hear you’ve taken up my Spooks challenge! Have you reached the mighty season 3 yet?

    Carnivale wouldn’t make it on to my list, as I never watched any episodes past the first, so I would knock that off the list, to replace with… Battlestar, Heroes, Spooks or Firefly. Consider me torn (and, also, looking at those three shows, consider me somewhat geek).

  7. While I like all the shows on your list, my Top 5 would be completely different. In No particular order:

    My Name is Earl
    The Sopranos
    The Shield

  8. We are still just working through Season Two of Spooks, though heartily looking forward to Three.

    Heroes, eh? Perhaps very unfairly, I gave up before the first commercial break. There should be a rant somewhere on Jill’s blog. Or maybe it is here; I am not sure. Regardless, the writing was inexcusable. It’s just as well, as comic books (coincidentally enough) are my preferred medium for superhero stories.

  9. I’d say give it another try when it comes out on DVD, it gets better every week.

  10. I appreciate your judgment, Dr. Doan–especially regarding four-coloured matters. When available, I will check out these “DVDs” of which you speak.

  11. Buffy sucks shit. Then again, I watch 24. And, while I am fully aware that it sucks shit as well, I continue to watch it.

    Rome owned my DVD player for a while. It took me an episode or two to “get into” it, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    I almost forgot that I absolutely LOVE Air. Thanks for reminded me.

    Unfortunately, I have no artistes that I can recommend to ya. Perhaps C & C Music Factory?


  12. Curt, do not thank me for Air. You were the one that introduced me to them, and I’ll be thankful forevermore. Thank you, Curt; thank you.

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