Too soon. Too soon.

Never forget

This photo is two years old, but what’s a couple years in the storied history of life on Earth?



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5 responses to “Too soon. Too soon.

  1. Jusius

    I love that photo. You sent it to me a fair while ago, and it became my desktop. I still have it in my folder here.

  2. Happy to know that you enjoyed it; I couldn’t honestly remember to whom I’d sent it. I apologize that it’s not ankylosaur, but hopefully, an apatosaur’ll do in a pinch.

  3. Jusius

    I am both impressed by and agree with your classification of apatosaurus. It’s a little difficult to go with any accuracy beyond sauropod, but I think the relatively short legs are a good indication of apatosaur-osity.

  4. Amy

    I *love* this picture. Heh.

  5. It’s pleasing to know that both of you are in agreement with the photo and/or the the designation. 🙂

    I went a bit crazy with the Flickr tags, but I reckoned that was the best way to share that portion of Earthlets that don’t read my blog.

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