Happy Darwin Day!

February 12 is the anniversary of the birthday of Charles Robert Darwin. Since 1995, February 12 has also, not coincidentally, marked the date of annual Darwin Day Celebrations:

The dual mission of Darwin Day Celebration is to promote public education about science and in addition to encourage the celebration of Science and Humanity throughout the global community including the general public, private and public institutions, science professionals, science educators at all levels, libraries, museums, the print and electronic media, and science enthusiasts everywhere. Science is our most reliable knowledge system. It has been, and continues to be, acquired solely through the application of human curiosity and ingenuity and, most importantly, it has provided enormous benefit to the health, prosperity and intellectual satisfaction for our human existence. These are worthy achievements for all people to celebrate!

Just as last year, thousands of churches worldwide will join in the celebration, promoting not only the theory of evolution by means of natural selection, but also the stance that theism does not preclude scientific explanations of our existence.

Feel free to spread the good news wherever you find yourself today. I’m hoping that whatever class I’m in for will have some time for science, and regardless of what’s in the dayplan, I’ll be sharing The Story of Life on Earth.

If you’re an educator (or just interested in this stuff), I’ve also made available an evolution factsheet with tips and suggestions for the classroom: page one and page two.  I will reiterate that both documents are essentially adapted from the two sites noted on the sheet; I’ve just concentrated their resources into a package easier to photocopy and distribute.

Finally, don’t forget 2006’s Orgin of the Species in Dub. This year with online videos!


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  1. Also, happy Heliocentrism Day (February 17) and happy Origin of Life Day (February 18).

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