I promised myself I wouldn’t do this

With total disregard for the final scraps of dignity that might have remained associated with me in your mind, this will be a post about World of Warcraft.

Actually, no, it’s worse than merely that–to be fair, I’m going to post about just my experiences with the game. Apologies to anyone who doesn’t have an interest in the game specifically or the allure of MMORPGs in general. Perhaps you could instead visit one of the fine links provided at the side of your screen?

I started my main character (pictured at right) the day of public release, November 23, 2004, and I’ve maintained a monthly subscription since then. I’m a very casual player (at least as regards the mean MMORPG player), and I didn’t reach the cap at Level 60 until June 4, 2006. In those 19 months of real time, I logged 16 days, 7 hours, 14 minutes, and 6 seconds¹ playing Po. I’ve subsequently logged another five full days pursuing end-game content.

I play on Durotan, a “Player versus Environment” server, and I’ve yet to do anything Player versus Player related (including Battlegrounds or Arena combat). Amicus Fidelis, the small group of folks I play with, are a very friendly and helpful lot. While we don’t have the player base to mount 40-person raids, we are active members of Azeroth’s League of Adventurers, an umbrella organization that I’ve accompanied to instances as far as Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair.

I really enjoy playing a druid, especially the flexibility afforded by shapeshifting. I usually contribute healing to team play, but I’m equally happy to serve as a tank in bear form or provide supplementary damage as a big cat. I’m not the best in any of these roles, but just as in tabletop gaming, I’m happiest when picking up the slack where needed.

One welcome aspect of WoW (absent in most other games) is the ability to customize the user interface–and thus gaming experince itself–through the use of small third-party code. This control has prevented a lot of frustration on my part and has contributed greatly in maintaining my interest. In keeping with my top five that failed so brilliantly with the Firefox post, here’s my five favourtite WoW Addons, post 2.0:

1. ItemRack: gear switching tool, triggered automatically by events (such as (dis)mounting, shapeshifting, or stance shifting). Its importance for druids cannot be overstated.

2. Bongos: simple but powerful toolbar mod that brings much needed organization and customization to the standard use interface.

3. EngBags: unified interface for your bags, including automatic and very specific equipment sorting.

4. CTMod/CTRaid: diverse collection of tools to enrich your experience. If you play WoW, you are very likely already using it.

5. Titan Panel: efficient display of additional though relevant information. Another obvious but necessary choice.

OK… I promise that’s all the WoW I’ll write about for a long while, though I would enjoy hearing your preferred WoW AddOns or reading your experiences in MMOs in general, if you’ve the time.

On a totally unrelated note, please check the About page for my new biography, penned by none other than cenobyte herself.

1. No, I didn’t keep careful records; the game server tracks time played for every character.



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8 responses to “I promised myself I wouldn’t do this

  1. Oh my goodness. I have no idea what you are talking about. I have tried, but I am lost. I will attempt this one again, after a good nights sleep. In the meantime, I must ponder questions around “geek is the new cool.” This is more my speed.
    I will post my answer in my blog. Take care Zen-master!

  2. I’m sorry to post nonsense, but hopefully some other folks understood it.

    For everyone else, you’ll find Birnsy’s advice column here. Submit a question today, and BE HEALED!

  3. Ahh the joys of mmorpg’s and more to the extent of WoW. It is really a game where time is greater than skill, which I like. You don’t have to be a serious gamer to attain the high levels like everyone else, but where they also encourage team play to access some of the end game content. Anyone willing to put in the time can see most of the stuff in the game.

    I miss playing the game as of late, but I haven’t had much time to play in recent months. I am sure most of my guild, and those of the ALA, are all 70 already.

    Anyhow, when you and my grand Mayor play, just give me a shout on msn or something and i’ll tag along with my STILL 60 Priest Talrik. I await your messages fair elf.

  4. Don’t be silly. This stuff is not nonsense. Not at all.

  5. Good day, Sir Chadley!

    I too have become enamored of WoW as of late. I picked up the Burninating Crusade and got back into it, so much so that I fear I will fall off my writing schedule at home. :-p

    C’est la vie – I can always claim it as “research” for work. 🙂

  6. R:tAG is living the dream, folks–he writes MMOs and table-top RPGs for a living!

    But I still don’t know what the letters in his acronym represent. 😉

    Care to share your server/character class?

  7. R:tAG is an acronym coined by Jill. It stands for Randy: the Alpha Geek! 🙂

    My servers:
    Ravencrest (PvE): Blood Elf Paladin belonging to the guild “Covetous Dawn”.
    Crushridge (PvP): Orc Warrior belonging to the “Bloodclaw Warpack”.

    A have various alts been these are the ones I play (or have played) regularly. Ravencrest is where I’m most active these days.

  8. I had guessed it sprung from the fertile mind of Jill, but I thought it might have been Randy: the Awesome Gamer. Alpha Geek is just far more apropos. 🙂

    I’ve mostly stuck with my main discussed above and a Gnome mage [Chomsky], both on Durotan. On the Horde side, I have a Forsaken warrior on Mal’Ganis [Pennelope] , but she doesn’t see much action. Oh, and a Blood Elf Paladin [Solendieth] there, as well–just to check out the splendor that is Silvermoon. Effing gorgeous.

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