Bus > Train > Train > Bus > Bus

That’s my typical morning commute, though routes and schedules change depending upon the school I find myself teaching at for the day. It’s an hour or two of listening to music and podcasts, reading, or gaming, but at no point do I have the ability to blog. A shame really, as I don’t have the option to blog during work hours, either. Which is not to suggest that any of you reading this might do that. Nope.

A huge consolation in the past few weeks has been the audio-book edition of John Hodgman’s Areas of My Expertise–as read by the author himself, John Hodgman. Even if you’ve read the book, the spoken-a-loud version is an extremely valuable investment (and might still be free for US customers of iTunes). If you’ve not yet read the book, the value of the recording is actually incalculable, and I urge you to purchase it in your preferred format as soon as is humanly possible.

Alright, enough with the rash consumerism. I’ve a big ol’ list of (probably boring) topics that I’ve wanted to write about, and for today I’ve quite randomly selected “Firefox Add-ons.” I’ll save the preaching, as you likely converted to Firefox æons ago. Instead, I hoped that I might “trade ya” a list of my five favourite extensions for a list of (any number of) your favourite extensions.

1. Tab Mix Plus: absolute control and customization of your tabs (also includes an excellent session manager, but I think that it’s largely redundant with Firefox 2.0).

2. DictionarySearch: with but a click, open a new tab providing the definition (or entry at a site such as Wikipedia) for selected text. Sample URLs to include in your preferences:

3. Greasemonkey: add user scripts to customize the sites you visit.

4. Forecastfox: weather forecasts in your status bar.

5. NoScript: nothing fancy, just preemptive security for embedded Java and what not.

That’s me. What do you have?



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2 responses to “Bus > Train > Train > Bus > Bus

  1. May I suggest that you blog (journal) via pen on paper, then publish online at a later date?

    old-skul, AND it’s a good excuse to scribble in a journal made from elephant poo or using one that is treeless, leather-via-death-by-natural-causes bound.

    Scratch that last one – I can’t get the thought of roadkill out of my head.

  2. The real, only-for-myself journals that I kept through uni were most often updated while partaking of the comforts of Regina Public Transit. I suppose there’s no reason why I couldn’t apply the stabilization lessons I learned then to blogging on paper now. But then when would I listen to crazy, crazy Penn?

    Those are killer links. My follow up question is what ink would be the most fitting for elephant poo-per? How about something based on mollusk slime? Can someone get on that?

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