Grapes, Grape Juice. Grape Juice, Grapes.

Grapes, Grape Juice.  Grape Juice, Grapes.

I’ve no idea how or why these grapes ended up trampled next to the grape juice in our local food market, but I cannot help but think that someone (something?) was trying to convey a message…



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3 responses to “Grapes, Grape Juice. Grape Juice, Grapes.

  1. I concur. Grapes just don’t hang out in the grape juice section of your local market. That’d be like cows getting chuffed to go to a hamburger picnic.

    I’m bored Chad. Me change jobs. Soon.
    I wrote a blog about hip hop, for crying out loud.
    By the way, Tom Green is a bad-ass muthafuckin’ MC! I had no idea. I just thought he was a dick.

  2. Jusius

    It’s obviously a message. Probably from intelligent grape people. I imagine it’s like going to see Auschwitz for them. You should purchase some grapes and free them in a park or something, that way, even if you haven’t selected a tribe of grape-men, they’ll see that you mean peace.

  3. This image is so disturbing it left me with an unsettled feeling. I had to revisit it for further contemplation. I came back looking for answers, but all I have is more questions. Like, for example, Why is the floor sooooo clean? Is there music playing in the backgound? Was it “Heard it through the Grapevine” by any chance? Was there a similar scene by the bul raisin bin? If not…..SHOULD there be???? How can I work this into a rhyme?
    I feel, my friend, I will face another sleepless night.

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