What time is it?¹

Adventure TIME!

[ A unicorn chaser for the previous post.]

1. A point for the assist goes to Jusius in sourcing this for me. He’d also sent along Google Video links to the entirety of Comos, well before my Sagan post. Though they were removed by the time the blogathon came along, I figure it’s still worth the credit.



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2 responses to “What time is it?¹

  1. Jusius

    Credit should actually go to the SA Forum: GBS, which I think Chad has mentioned before. Both Adventure Time and the Cosmos series were culled from there.

    The SA forums are well worth the $10 dollar sign up fee. Something Awful is pretty much the ground floor of the internet. Thanks for hooking a brother up Chad.

  2. Never eat more than you can lift. -Miss Piggy

    (this is why YOU’RE the zen-master….hehehe…thanks for the recent quote my friend)

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