In the end times

I’ve only been at this a few months, but I’ve still had to abandon a handful of posts because I didn’t think they were suitable for the medium. From the start, war and politics were two things that I consciously decided to avoid writing about here; regarding both, there’s already plenty to be found on The Internet.

That said, I just wanted to let you know I’ve found it easier to accept the impending environmental collapse once I realized that Homo sapiens simply doesn’t deserve to live on a nice, fostering planet anymore. Remember the end of Gremlins, where Billy had to surrender the mogwai? Our species’ lack of maturity and responsibility is exactly the same, save that there’s no cosmic Mr. Wing to facilitate the hand over. Instead, we all just die.

Don’t read that too harshly. I’m feeling pretty good about my breakthrough.



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2 responses to “In the end times

  1. Jusius

    Welcome to the Bizzaroverse, where I post videos of rainicorns, and our humble host waxes cynical.

    What can I say? Humanity has the potential to achieve nothing less than godhood. Sadly, we waste our efforts on who’s dating who and what shoes they were wearing while doing so.

    I’m glad you came to a peaceful understanding, because it galls the hell out of me, which is about as productive as the shoe thing.

    Damn, I gotta find some girl’s jeans, listen to Thursday and cry now.

  2. I didn’t realize the irony of either, but you are absolutely correct in noting that taken together, they suggest a Bizarro World. That or perhaps we’re even more similar than I’d thought.

    Murphy: I hate them all. Except Turtleface.

    Bizzaro Quinn: Bizzaro, I love you. Bizzaro, I love you.

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