No C++ GUI programming guide for me

Tetris DS, though

We’re back from Vancouver Island and a very relaxing stay with Michelle’s parents. A poorly timed cold rendered me able to taste little of several (presumably) gorgeous meals, but I think I made up for it after in leftovers. Plus, the sympathy I received may well have been the deciding factor in me later landing the last piece of grasshopper pie. During (admittedly brief) moments when we weren’t eating, we ventured out for seaside walks¹ and watched Têtes à claques skits. Over, and over, and over again.

Despite hardly touching it in my first month of ownership, Wii Sports saw much more play over the holidays. It would seem that its fun is logarithmically proportional to the amount of players involved. Even the above-60 crowd got in on the action, though there’s no photos of them or anyone else playing–likely because each of us realized how silly we looked.² While we had to share one Wiimote between the lot of us, it was nice to bowl in 480p widescreen, via component cables (and ILHDTV³).

Since we’ve returned home, Wii Sports has once again been set aside (it really is best as a party game), and I’ve rented and returned Call of Duty 3. The backgrounds and settings are quite well done (despite rather weak textures), and what they’ve done with weapons and controls makes it the first non-PC first-person shooter I’ve been able to tolerate, but the AI controlling squad mates and enemies is nearly a deal breaker. I’d just made it to some Canadian missions when my five days were up, but I don’t get a lot of gaming time on Wii. I would say that it is lame to share one telly in an age where they can be had for ~$100, but two just seems way too decadent. That, and there’s no room for anything else in our basement apartment.

1. I’ll have to find and post some storm chasing photos from 24 December. Winds and waves grew progressivly stronger through the day. They would have alone been easy enough entertainment for this prairie boy, but the runaway sailboat crashing on the rocks really served to highlight the power of the sea.
2. Which was perhaps not as silly (f’n awesome?) as my friend Tim, who decked himself out in plaid pants, golf shirt, suit coat, and a saucy cap for our trip around the back nine in Wii golf. In my world, that kind of class earns an automatic -1 bonus applied to each and every hole.
3. In-Law High-Definition Television.



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2 responses to “No C++ GUI programming guide for me

  1. Chad. Zen-master.

    Your Christmas sounds like it was decent, apart from the cold. I’ve now got a cold- I’m home sick with little to do but sleep, watch TV or play on mine or others’ websites.

    Nobody cares if you post several pics of yourself. At least I don’t think so. I do it all the time. I have loads and loads. There’s no doubt about it, I am a ham. But also your friends from afar like to see your likeness, and that you are, indeed, alive. All good.

    Ahh…the Wii…..I can’t get into it, yet I haven’t tried it in a large group atmoshere. That must be the key. Kyall will have to throw a Wii party!

    By the way I sent Kyall your wee photo- he recognized you as “Anthro guy”. He could tell from your Mii!!!! Ha! Awesome.

    Must go. Please give an enormous hug to Michelle for me.


  2. Anthro guy? I had no idea anyone would remember me from classes or TA’ing, let alone well enough to recognize a caricature. Especially one that didn’t include my uni-afro.

    Sorry that the zen story was a little bit harsh, but I figured you wanted somebody to demonstrate that they could be truthful. I was reading some Marcus Aurelius before bed last night, and I found the perfect passage of advice for your rant. I will try to type it up on your Bebo page.

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