My Mii

Please note the rosy cheeks and inability to smile a real smile.
(Locks could have been longer, though.)

Real post coming soon.



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4 responses to “My Mii

  1. Jusius

    I especially like the bright red pants. You look alot more cynical than you do IRL though. Maybe I just haven’t seen you in a while and you’ve secretly adopted the way of the misanthrope.

  2. I have a mii too. It’s on Kyall’s machine. I’ll try and post it for your viewing pleasure.

    Yours is very accurate! Wow. Though I don’t remember you ever wearing purple and red together…. I wish they had a plaid option.


  3. You’re, like, totally hot.

  4. The red pants don’t quite scream “Chad,” but there the byproduct of being “Favorited” on the console. That really needs a toggle.

    I hope I’ve not become too much of a misanthrope in recent years. The half-assed smile should be understood as less of a smirk and more of the-way-chad-seems-to-smile-when-he’s-trying-to-smile-for-photos. I can’t quite seem to fake sincerity yet. Or maybe it’s my eyes, made tiny by my high prescription? Lisa once told me that I have “sad Buffy eyes,” and I’ve not since forgotten it.

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