I’d never heard of Frito Pie before

The last few weeks have been rather a blur of prairie-like weather, power outages, head colds, and random elementary classrooms. Not much to highlight.

After missing his show by just a few days when visiting Hungary in 1999, I finally managed to catch up with one of Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds, right here in Vancouver. More than just a beautiful memento mori, it’s a fascinating scientific experience that can’t be had in any other fashion.

Though I held out for some 28 years (including three undergraduate degrees), I’ve finally caved and started drinking the occasional coffee. I love it. I use a French press, and thus far my brew of choice has been Intelligentsia’s Black Cat Espresso Blend. Again, I love it.

Ubuntu 6.10 is still running like a dream, and I’d recommend that Windows, Macintosh, and Linux users alike give it a go. How can you pass up a powerful, secure, and stable operating system, complete with a huge library of software (especially when it is free)?

Aside from my regular titles, I’ve been lost in WACKY silver-age Superman tales; reading stories of Superman “traveling back in time to mate¹ his parents” makes for uncommon bedtime reading.

Phantom Princess, the latest Zelda adventure on the Wii is holding up well to long-term play, though I still have yet to take much interest in the Wii Sports game included with the console. I’ve read good things about Rayman, but do any gamers-what-I-really-know have recommendations on what I might pick up next?

The 2.0 patch for World of Warcraft has landed, and I’ve yet to update my AddOns, let alone log in to play. I’ll save summarizing my first two years of play for another post.

1. M-A-T-E. Neither a typo here, nor in the 1958 comic.



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7 responses to “I’d never heard of Frito Pie before

  1. Jusius

    Sigh, I love coffee, but I can’t drink it. It hurts my tummy.

    I’ve been thinking about alternitive OS’s lately. I wanna upgrade ol’ Compy (which prolly means getting a new one) and I heard bad stuff about the next windows version, maybe I’ll have to turn to you for tech support.

    Wii games I’d recommend despite not owning a Wii and knowing next to nothing about them:

    Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors
    I’m a sucker for Dragon Quest, but swinging your controller around like a sword sounds like about the coolest thing in the world. Unfortunately it’s been removed from the GameFAQs US release line up, so chances are it’ll never come outta Japan.

  2. I would be more than happy to help provide tech support in moving to Linux. Ubuntu at least is quite a bit easier to install than XP, but if knowing I am here to help at any hour makes the difference in you installing it, I will most certainly be your huckleberry.

    I’m not sure if you do much gaming aside from your vast arsenal of consoles, but if so, I would remiss were I to not warn you. My biggest complaint about the Linux experience is still the lack of support for gaming. (I’m aware that that’s a complaint against game developers and publishers, not Linux itself, but it’s a part of being a Linux user none the less.) I have to admit to dual-booting XP, though only because I’d rather not run WoW through emulation.

    Rocket Slime for the DS is certainly a strong argument for the Dragon Quest series. I hadn’t heard about their Wii titles, but I will keep an eye our for them. While Twilight Princess uses a swinging motion to trigger sword strikes in-game, it’s not the sort of one-to-one virtual-reality mapping that you might first expect. While it’s more immersive than button mashing, it’s not on the level of even Wii Sports.

  3. Jusius

    Urg, dual OS’s? That might be more effort than I’m willing to expend, have to wait and see I guess upgrading Compy may be a little more of a pipe dream right now anyways.

    I’m pretty sure that DQ:Swords will be swinging the sword aroud as real time as you like as it’s based on this stand alone unit where the only control unit is infact you motion sensetive sword.


    As far as I know that’s the only DQ title that’s been scheduled for Wii because DQ IX is being released on DS.

    PS: Seen Tombstone lately?

  4. Dual OS’s are made dead simple with GRUB (a GNU boot-loader included with Ubuntu). New OS installs on old hardware always feel like an upgrade to me, with everything starting over clean and fresh!

    The pics at the page you linked suggest something so awesome as to almost guarantee it will not be released for the North American market. Too bad.

    Though it was a good guess, I actually haven’t seen Tombstone lately. Michelle and I did, however, spend much of the summer driving around rural Washington/Idaho/Montana–thereby discovering dozens of “Huckleberry Capital[s] of the World.” We’ve the jam to prove it.

  5. This comicmade me think of your warm fuzzy Wii-ness vs. evil Sony-ness.

  6. The comic actually isn’t that far from the truth. After scoring the last Wii the store had, I walked out and apologized to those in the line behind me. I had been standing around with these people, happily chatting with them for hours, and to not acknowledge their–admittedly inconsequential and materialistic–loss would have been to betray the bond (no matter how nascent) that we’d forged.

    Did I mention that everyone purchasing a Wii decided as a group to let everyone buying a PS3 move ahead of them in the line? As there were fewer PS3 they decided this was more fair, but this meant that when PS3 sold out, the Sony-hopefuls would have a guaranteed chance to buy a Wii, thereby denying a Nintendo-hopeful (who had perhaps waited longer in line) their own purchase.

    And deny they did.

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