Regina, November 9th to 13th

It’s rather disappointing to be arriving only a week too late to see Amy or Randy, but I’ll be in Saskatchewan from Thursday until Monday.

You are welcome to join me for drinks at O’Hanlon’s on Saturday night (~7-Late), if you’ve the time. If you don’t have the time, then post, email, or call ( with a time and place that works better for you!



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9 responses to “Regina, November 9th to 13th

  1. Dang! And just I found out that I’d missed another friend by a week in the other direction! We’ve got to start co-ordinating our Saskatchewan returns…

  2. Noah

    Saturday doesn’t cut it for me my friend. Perhaps another eve.?


  4. Yeah, those dates don’t work for me either. . . . .bummer!

  5. So, how WAS it? What memories induced, created, destroyed? How’s things in the QueenCity? And how rusty IS that giant grasshopper that sits on the side of Albert Street? How are the peeps?

    I miss Regina. (sigh)

  6. @Amy,

    Next time we’ll team up for great justice!

    I didn’t know that Drang=Sky, until a Monday meet at the Natural History Museum with Jill, French Fry, and Small Fry, but it’s awesome to know mawwiage has found Dwang.

  7. @Noah

    You lost the phone number and note that you were meant to pass along to Troy. Instead, some strange woman called home my home, wondering if I was a celebrity filming a Hollywood production in Regina.

    Given the amount of beer I’d consumed before passing along the note to you, it took no small amount of effort before I even understood what had happened, let alone being able explain to Michelle why random women were calling her to ask about my next movie role.

  8. @Rachel Lynn,

    Anytime you can make it to Regina, I will meet you there. We can make a road trip out to the sprawling thorp of Qu’Appelle. We will get drunk in a field with the mayor.

    Baring that, there’s always Vancouver or Kelowna. And I’ll certainly let you know when I’m next in Hongdae.

  9. @gypsyhick

    Regina was tiring. And very different. It was nice to meet with those I was able to meet, but I can’t return from trips like that without feeling a little bit wistful.

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