To <a href= or not to <a href=

Less than two weeks in, and I’m already struggling with posting.

I don’t mean finding enough stuff to talk about or keeping to a regular schedule–I expected that stuff would be easy for the first little bit, while this “blogging” business is still novel to me. No, instead I’m struggling with exactly what I should bother to link and not link. I spend a good chunk of time each day on the web (as do many of you, I would guess). In that time, I find stuff that I assume would be of interest to friends; I also assume, however, that those same friends have most likely already found the same interesting stuff.

I don’t know how I’m to tell if I’m wasting my time and yours times by posting stuff here. I don’t have any secret sources of information: just what crops up on Slashdot, Boing Boing, and the like. I’ve also been told that blogs are “supposed to have a focus” (?). For all these reasons, I’m going to try and err on the side of caution, resisting urges to post daily links. That’s still no guarantee that the few things I do post will be relevant to you, but at least I won’t feel as bad as I would if I were posting tripe every day.

Man, this just a horrible ramble because I am shy about my bookmarks. I am not a good blogger. I am not a good blogger to the max.



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5 responses to “To <a href= or not to <a href=

  1. Relax to the max, Chax. A reflexive blogger is a good blogger. What could be cooler than blogging that calls attention to its blogginess and the associated techno-generic characteristics, like links? Dude: it’s hip, it’s now, it’s *meta*-blog-tion!

  2. It might all be easier if I didn’t sort of have a dislike for the actual words, blog, blogger, blogging, as well as any further blog* derivations.

    In any case, you are still too kind, Dan. You are also now linked on the main page; apologies for not doing so earlier, but I lost track as you moved through different hosting options.

  3. No worries; I appreciate the link. And I didn’t think to add a link here from mine until you mentioned it, either. In any case, I hope we are linked by much more than html, my friend!

  4. Diane D' Platypus

    Hee hee… you said “Blog”.

    By the way, I think that this is an interesting way to keep in touch wit’ your “homies” that is intellectual(ish) and free(ish – don’t get me started on poverty and the current rise of prejudice against the lower income earners in the US and Canada)!!!

    I think it’s great for you’s to post interesting tid-bits you find as long as they involve cute kittens or people hurting themselves. Or maybe that’s just a personal bias?

  5. I dislike “blog” as a noun, gerund, verb, part of a compound… well, really as anything, but as you point out, a site like this will hopefully be a good way to keep in touch.

    As for cute kittens, please, please, PLEASE see Cute Overload.

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