I have known him since small times.


The winner and newly elected mayor of Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan?
My buddy from kindergarten on, Allan Arthur.

Before CBC. Before Global. Before SCN. You heard it here, first.



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7 responses to “I have known him since small times.

  1. WOW.

    Our Allan, the fellow who showed up at my housewarming party in a lab coat 8 years ago is now the mayor.

    There is hope for this world!

  2. One and the same, Birnsy, one and the same. My memories of that night also don’t seem to include him wearing pants, but perhaps I was just distracted by the lab coat.

    The even better news is that we’re told that this appointment is but the most current step in an extended series of moves, of which the final result might only be guessed.

  3. aleyn


    and a mayor…

    wow… that’s nuts.

    what’s next is the question??

  4. I thought I imagined the no-pants thing, but alas….it really happened.


  5. At least two Leader-Post articles have attempted to address the aftermath. One is available online here.

  6. I’ve created a Mii for Allan on my Wii.

  7. Erin

    I’d never heard of a Mii but it sure is cute. I can’t imagine it’s a word floating about Qu’Appelle very much. I wish someone would show up to a party in Taipei without pants – and you’d think the long hours would make us forgetful enough to do it. Actually, our physics teacher showed up once without pants. He had biking shorts only and insisted on wearing his blazer with them. I’ll suggest the lab coat next time.

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