Likely the final camp of 2006

Michelle and I managed more camping than I expected this year, but we took what was likely our last trip of 2006 late last month. Driving north from Vancouver (past Squamish but not quite Whistler) with Michelle’s supervisor and two colleagues, we then hiked 8.5 km in and ~500m up to Helm Creek campground in Garibaldi Provincial Park. Ostensibly, the trip had its genesis in research, but I’m a simple monkey who was along for the spectacular sub-alpine vistas. Well, that and the Lagavulin.

Finally, I’ll note that the trip was well worth it, even if I did have to miss out on the inanity of the Uwe Boll v. Rich “Lowatax” Kyanka bout in Vancouver that same weekend.

Here’s a couple of photo highlights, with more to be found on the Flickr link to the right.

Helm Creek Switchback
Looking up from one of the many switchbacks

Black Tusk
Black Tusk
, a volcanic remnant

(Plus, a special bonus photo for any World of Warcraft players…)

Quest giver
A shadow. With a quest, you see.



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7 responses to “Likely the final camp of 2006

  1. I’m WOW-less now for 88 days. Give me a QUEST!!!

  2. Well met, [character race]!

    Tell me, do you have some time to spare for this old crone? Not too busy day-trading at the auction house to show a little common courtesy towards a fellow sentient? Not too high up on your flash mount that you cannot step down so that I need shout no further?

    Good then.

    I can tell by your swagger that you are a [character class] through and through. It is for this reason and this reason alone that I have need of your assistance. In hushed tones, around fires bright, there are tales told of… Rules. Rules that, when understood on the deepest levels, might allow one to completely manipulate the minds of others, reducing cerebral cortices to mush in mere seconds.


    Go now, [character name]! Go and do not return to me until you bring word of the Knowledge Not Meant to Be Known.

    Return to chad at chadsblog after having collected four (4) Rules of Cuteness.


    Moonbeam Wand
    Binds when picked up
    Range Wand
    30 – 57 Nature Damage Speed 1.80
    (24.2 damage per second)

    64 silver

  3. Quest accepted and under way…

  4. Jusius

    #1: Put your paw up
    #2: Look helpless
    #3: an Inquisitive Look
    #4: more than one species of baby flopping around is cute.

    I’ll prolly vendor the wand, but that silver’ll be nice. Can I expect it in my mailbox?

  5. Unfortunately, quest rewards can not be delivered by mail. If you are able to send a character to meet our representatives face-to-face, we will be more than happy to provide your rewards.

    Gypsyhick, please note that there are a good deal many more Rules of Cuteness, and you are therefore still fully eligible for the quest.

  6. Finally! Completed! I have found four, and of those have refuted 2, confirmed one, and have found one to be unconfirmable!

  7. Wow.
    Impressive. Most impressive.
    While I can find fault with neither your methodology nor your examples, I would still argue for each Rule as canon–at least for me. Then again, this is all from a guy who find eye capsules adorable…

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