10 > 9

So, do I lose a measure of my geek cred for admitting to enjoying David Tennant’s Doctor far more than Christopher Eccleston’s? Even if they had not brought back K9 for tonight’s episode, I would have been sold.

With the rise of DVDs, PVRs, and INTERNETs, I can’t remember the last series I’ve watched on broadcast television with any sort of regularity. How quaint!



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9 responses to “10 > 9

  1. Ronaldo Tuxador

    I’m downloading season 3 of Battlestar on a pretty rabid schedule, thanks to Australia’s suck-ass television situation.

    thx, intarweb!

    (Thanks, internet. Thinternet.)

  2. Adrienne GR

    I agree that David T. is infinitely better than Christopher E. The inclusion of K9 and Sarah Jane Smith was wonderful. I got the entire season downloaded from a friend of mine. It just gets better. Hope you enjoy it.

  3. cenobyte

    I think they’ve both been good, and very, very different Doctors. Which is good. I liked Christopher E.’s dry and ascerbic qualities. I liked his intensity and his sense of superiority. I like David T.’s sense of wonder, and the excitement he brings to the role and to the show.

    Seeing K9 and SJS was a big treat, even if I did only catch the last 20 minutes of the episode (I was hung up by “Heroes”, my new favourite programme).

    You know, it’s really really difficult to explain why one Doctor is better/different than another to someone who’s not watched the old shows. You just end up sounding like the kind of person who oughtn’t leave the garage. Even if you’re decidedly *not* that sort of person. Not really.

  4. I’ll give up even more of my cred by admitting that there (so far) hasn’t been time in my life for Galactica. I do hope to get to it some day, but it hasn’t happened yet.

    To be fair to Eccleston, I’ve not seen the entirety of the first season. I do enjoy dry, however, and he was seemingly from the North.¹ I’ll do my best to catch the episodes and focus on the good that you’ve pointed out. Tennant is just so damned cute, though.

    Britain has a great word–anorak–for those “who oughtn’t leave the garage.” I may well be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it’s not been liberated in the same sense that the geek has in North America. So I’d suggest that while geeks might sound like they are the kind of person that oughtn’t leave the garage, but are not that kind of person, not really, it’s anoraks who simultaneously sound like the kind of person who oughtn’t leave the garage and are the kind of person who oughtn’t leave the garage.

    I worry about us all sometimes.

    1. “Lots of planets have a North!”

  5. Wait, wait, wait, though…


    I must assume that it’s gotten better than the first ten minutes of the premiere episode. You’ll recognize it as the part where all of the dialogue was unforgivable, that part that actually included a scientist straight-faced asserting “that humans only use 10% of their brains.” I stood up at the commercial break and couldn’t think of reason why I should bother watching any more.  What’s redeemed it since then?

  6. cenobyte

    Er, I missed the first ten minutes of the premiere of Heroes. I just like the Japanese fellow, Hiro (which I find incredibly funny) and his sidekick. There’s an early X-Files feel to the programme, and I love the director/producer guy (Tim Kring – also did Crossing Jordan, the show about coroners).

    Re: Anorak – isn’t that a type of sweater? Or kayak? Or some kind of pottery?

    And I’m pretty sure that some of the people we know use 10% of their brains, and most of those people are human, and it’s not like the scientist was saying *all* humans use 10% of their brains *all* the time. And besides, that scientist wasn’t really a scientist. He was more of a …lecturer… and now he drives a taxicab.

    Hey, if we based our entire decision on which series to watch on the value of the pilot episode, particularly the first ten minutes, would anyone watch Star Trek? Really? TNG? I think not. Never have so many nerds been collected in one spaceship before. Um, you know, fictional nerds on a fictional spaceship.

    What I like about Heroes is that it has the kind of starburst direction that early X-Files used to; you think you know where something is going, and sometimes you’re right.

    There are certainly bits about the show that I don’t like. Characters, ideas, bits of writing…but the bits that shine really do shine, and visually there are elements of my favourite comic book hero movies in almost every episode.

    Plus, getting to watch a cheerleader jump to her death makes me happy any day of the week. And watch it again, and again, and again. And she just keeps DOING stuff like that. Gold. Pure Gold. I wish *I* could put a cheerleader through a woodchipper.

  7. Anorak is another word for parka, I think. (It would seem that geek fashion sense is also under fire.)

    I wholly admit to not giving Heroes a proper chance, and truth be told, far more ridiculous things are being spawned from the synthesis of television and four-colour funnies.

    It’s funny that you bring up the X-Files as–getting back to my original post–I’m pretty sure that the original run of the third season was the last series that I regularly watched on television.

  8. Ronaldo Tuxador

    Sorry mate, the quote is: ‘Lots of places have a north.’

    But, you’re totally right about the 10% of brain thing. I’d have walked out too. Kate’s seen me on many a day stalk off in a haze of phallacy-induced disgust of bad science on the TV.

    I prefer the Ninth Doctor,


  9. Sorry mate, the quote is: ‘Lots of places have a north.’

    A valid point, but you’re wrong.

    Please see ~29m 25s…

    Rose: If you are an alien, how comes you sound like you’re from the North?
    Doctor: Lots of planets have a North!

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