It’s was a deal from 88-Fingers Louie

I realize that relationship anniversaries aren’t of interest to anyone, well… outside of the relationship subject to the anniversary.¹

I also realize, however, that many of those whom I am have in mind when writing this blog have only spoken in passing–or perhaps have yet to even meet–with Michelle. Given that we are today beginning our fifth year together as a couple, that just doesn’t seem right. Towards those ends (and not entirely uninspired by the little bit of domestic bliss shared by Cara), I am linking to a comic that speaks more to the realities of our basement apartment than anything I could ever write.

Here, the young otter Philippe plays the role of Chad, while Michelle will be represented by Lyle, the mustachioed tiger.²

1. In our case, it’s not of much interest to us, either.
2. It must be stressed that (apart from the fact that we are not stuffed animals) this example can be applied as explicit, verbatim truth rather than some sort of vague metaphor.


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